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FreshKote® Lubricant Eye Drops

15mL bottle
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Product Description

FreshKote is formulated to support the integrity of all three layers of the tear film delivering relief from dry eye symptoms. The combination of a patented polymer blend and a non-irritating preservative allows FreshKote to combat tear evaporation and assist in the complete wetting of the ocular surface.

Talk with your doctor to see if FreshKote is right for you. Always read the packaging for full product safety information.

FreshKote is available in a 15mL bottle.

FreshKote is formulated to support the integrity of all three layers of the tear film

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A healthy lipid layer contributes to overall stability of the tear film. FreshKote combats evaporation on the ocular surface with a patented polymer blend formulated to mimic the lipid layer of the tear film which may ease discomfort.

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The combination of ingredients in FreshKote may help to restore the damaged lipid layer allowing tears to remain on the ocular surface for a longer period of time to assist in complete wetting.

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FreshKote contributes to instillation comfort and potentially leads to greater compliance due to the inclusion of a non-irritating preservative and its hypotonic composition.11

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a prescription?

No! FreshKote is available over-the-counter at pharmacies across the country or directly through FOCUS Laboratories online or on the phone.

What if I don't like FreshKote?

Your satisfaction with our product is of utmost importance. Please call our Customer Care Team at (501) 753-6006 and review our return policy for instructions on how to return unused product.

Is FreshKote safe for use with contact lenses?

YES! FreshKote, contains the preservative polixetonium which has been shown to be safe for use with contact lenses.

"Ocular Preservatives: Risks and Recent Trends in Its Application in Ocular Drug Delivery (ODD)." Nano Biomaterials for Ophthalmic Drug Delivery. Ed. Yashwant Pathak, Vijaykumar Sutariya, and Anjali A. Hirani. Switzerland: Springer International, 2016. 253-76. Print.

How often can I use FreshKote?

FreshKote can be used on an as-needed basis. We recommend using 1-2 drop(s) in the affected eye(s) 3-4 times daily.

What are the effects of extreme temperatures on FreshKote?

FreshKote? FreshKote should be stored at room temperature 15° - 30°C (59°-86°F)

What do lubricant eye drops do?

Lubricant drops, like FreshKote, are specially formulated to moisten the ocular surface and provide relief from the symptoms of dry eye.

I can't find it in my pharmacy.

While FreshKote is available in many pharmacies across the US, it is not yet in all of them. You can order FreshKote directly from us online or over the phone.