ComfortClear™ Lid Wipes – 30 Pack

30 Disposable Wipes
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Comfort Clear Lid Wipes are designed to gently remove debris, including makeup, from eyelids and lashes. The no-rinse formula cleanses the sensitive skin around the eyes without needing to rinse afterwards. ComfortClear Comfort Wipes are made from a non-woven material and can easily be used as a warm or cold compress, which may help relieve tired eyes. Plus, each of the pre-moistened no rinse eyelid wipes are conveniently packaged so it’s perfect to use while on-the-go!

Paraben Free • Alcohol Free • Fragrance Free • Silicone Free • Gentle Cleansing

Always read the packaging for full product safety information.

ComfortClear Lid Wipes are packaged with 30 individually-wrapped, pre-moistened wipes.

Why Use ComfortClear

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Daily Lid Hygiene

Keeping eyelids and eyelashes free of debris is an important part of any daily lid hygiene routine.

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No Rinsing

ComfortClear Lid Wipes gently cleanse the sensitive skin around the eyes without needing to rinse afterwards.

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Regularly cleaning the eyelids helps them function properly and may help with dry, flaking skin around the eyes.

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Use on-the-go

Using ComfortClear Lid Wipes as a daily lid hygiene regimen is easy because the wipes come pre-moistened and conveniently packaged to use while on-the-go.

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Warm and Cool Compress

ComfortClear can be used as a warm and cool compress which may be soothing to strained eyes. Discuss the benefits of using a warm or cool compresses part of a daily lid hygiene regimen.


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