Eyelid and Eyelash Hygiene Guide

April 8th, 2022

Eyelid hygiene and eye hygiene is an important aspects of keeping proper ocular health. In this quick and easy eyelid hygiene guide, we will go through what eyelid hygiene is, and why its important.

Now that you understand Eyelid hygiene – ensure you are getting the best in ocular health.

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Eyelid Hygiene FAQs:

How can proper eyelid hygiene help with my eyes feeling dry?

The most common problem is improper eyelid hygiene and eye hygiene. Issues such as touching your eyes without washing your hands or a lack of vitamins in your body that produce tears – even when you’re happy your eyes are lubricated with tears.

Point is, eyelids get dry from a wide variety of factors. If your eyelids are dry routinely without fail, it can be genetic. Read our guide on dry eye treatment.

Why does my eyelid hurt? Can a daily eyelid hygiene routine help?

Many factors can lead to sore eyelids, redness or cloudiness and you should talk to your eyecare professional about your symptoms.

How often should I clean my eyelids and lashes?

Ensuring proper and regular eyelid cleaning is an import to keep your eye’s healthy. You should clean you eyelid and eyelashes once or twice per day. Focus Labs ComfortClear lid wipes are individually packaged so they are great use on the go.

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