DIY Eye Safety -Basic Precautions

April 27th, 2020

Feeling creative and making something new can be a rewarding experience. Currently, many people are trying new DIY creative projects from home, from face masks to painting walls in unique ways. There seem to be no creative limits.

However, there are some precautions to take while using power tools, sewing machines, hot glue guns, gardening/lawn tools, and varying chemicals to complete your projects because over 2.4 million eye injuries occur each year in the U.S.1 and that was before we were quarantined. The Oxford Eye Hospital has stated that it has seen a rise in eye injuries since the quarantine began.2 We ask that you take precautions to keep you and your eyes safe.

3 Simple Ways to keep your eyes safe from DIY mishaps

There are several ways to help keep your eyes safe when doing DIY projects. So we chose three that we think are the most important to remember. We want to keep you on the creative track, so here are 3 Simple Ways to keep your eyes safe from DIY mishaps.

The first precaution is the most common for DIY projects but is the most overlooked precaution for our eyes… WEAR SAFETY GLASSES.

Wear Protective Goggles

Safety glasses should be worn when mowing, using power tools, using gardening tools, cooking, using any type of chemical (such as paint), and even around bungee cords. Anything that could have shrapnel-type objects flying in the air, hot liquids, or are under tension, you should wear safety glasses. When looking for safety glasses, it is important to have impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses and safety rated frame.3

Also, if you are demonstrating or performing any type of sport, wear safety glasses/goggles. PROTECT YOUR EYES!

The second precaution has to do with DIY projects that involve using makeup… DITCH YOUR OLD & DAMAGED MAKEUP.

Bacteria loves old makeup, especially makeup that you touch over and over, like foundation. This is one of the reasons makeup has an expiration. Using old or damaged makeup around the eye can lead to infections (bacteria!). This rule extends to applicators as well. There are many ways to clean your applicators. However, if they are old and worn or damaged, it’s better to throw them away than risk the damage they could do to your eyes or face. So, ditch your old and damaged makeup and applicators and PROTECT YOUR EYES!

May we recommend using ComfortClear Lid Wipes to help remove makeup and debris from your eyelids and lashes. They are designed to gently cleanse the sensitive skin around the eyes. ComfortClear comes in a NO-Rinse formulation and may be essential for patients in managing dry, itchy, flaky skin. Also, they are 4X larger than comparable brands and are paraben-, alcohol-, fragrance-, and silicone-free. Once your eyelids and lashes are free and clear of makeup, follow-up with Zenoptiq. Zenoptiq is a daily eyelid and lash cleanser that helps to kill viruses and bacteria that are commonly found on the lids and lashes. It is important to practice good eye hygiene, as one of the top causes of ocular diseases such as blepharitis is poor eyelid hygiene. Read more about the benefits of eyelid wipes for blepharitis.

The last precaution is a daily staple but also a great reminder, WASH YOUR HANDS.

Washing hands to stay healthy

Wash your hands after you have completed your project (or during your project if needed) and before your touch or go anywhere near your face or eyes. Touching our face is a habit that is hard to notice until we’re already doing it. Try to be extra aware. Especially when using items that could leave particles or residue on your fingers, such as glitter, glue, sawdust, paint, and cooking ingredients like spices and oils. Washing your hands properly can help avoid painful eye injuries. Whether it’s from debris in the eye or reactions that occur in the sensitive skin around the eye, PROTECT YOUR EYES!

Taking these three simple precautions can drastically help reduce your risk of eye injuries in the home while keeping your creative DIY skills sharp. Have fun and create! If you do experience an eye injury contact you Eye Care Professional or Hospital immediately. Many have telephone or online options to help you determine if you need to seek a medical professional. Do-It-Yourself and be safe, PROTECT YOUR EYES!

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