About Us

Bringing Clarity & Value to Life

Focus Laboratories is a specialty eye care company dedicated to addressing the needs of healthcare providers and their patients through the discovery and development of innovative medicines and devices that support eye health and improve the quality of life.




At FOCUS Laboratories, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of patients and healthcare providers through unparalleled research and discovery. Our growth is driven by new product opportunities and our commitment to promoting eye health.


Innovation means providing better solutions for healthcare providers and their patients. At FOCUS Laboratories, we concentrate on solutions that have distinct advantages over other products currently on the market.


At FOCUS Laboratories, we strive to conduct all of our day-to-day business activities with integrity and respect for others. This is not only a quality of the company, but also a character attribute we expect and require of each employee at FOCUS Laboratories.


Our pledge to efficiency is at all levels of the company. At FOCUS Laboratories, we are committed to process improvement and cost-efficiency to provide high-quality products as they should be – affordable.

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