6 Benefits of Eyelid Wipes & Their Impact On Eye Hygiene

October 19th, 2018

Article Contents

  1. Eyelid Wipes Can Help to Eliminate Bacteria
  2. Eyelid Wipes help to Remove Makeup
  3. Eyelid Wipes Keep your Contact Lenses Cleaner
  4. Eyelid Wipes may help Protect Against Dry Eye Syndrome Symptoms

While everyone knows how important it is to wash one’s face regularly, many don’t recognize that taking care of one’s eyes with eyelid wipes should also be part of a daily routine. One of the most common drivers of irritation, inflammation, and even ocular diseases like blepharitis, MGD, and dry eye, is poor eyelid hygiene. [1]

Every day our faces – and our eyes – are exposed to dust, dirt and environmental allergens. When we wash our face, we tend to naturally avoid the areas around our eyes. Unfortunately, we end up ignoring it altogether – hence, why lid wipes for the eyes are so crucial for daily use. Regularly using eye wipes for dry eyes, irritation and more greatly benefits your general ocular health. Eyelid wipes are designed specifically to be gentle and effective at cleansing the fragile area around the eyelids and lashes.

Eyelid Wipes Can Help to Eliminate Bacteria

Bacteria is a common reason for eye irritation and ocular disorders [2]. Using lid wipes on your eyelid and lashes is a good way to help reduce harmful bacteria and avoid eye discomfort.

Eyelid Wipes help to Remove Makeup

If you go to bed without removing eye makeup, mascara and/or eyeliner, it all can slip into your eye and cause redness, itchiness and even infections. Additionally, your lashes will break more often due to the constant weight of mascara on them. Sleeping without removing eye makeup on a regular basis increases the chance of clogging the hair follicles on your eyelids, or your Meibomian glands, the tiny oil glands which line the margin of the eyelids, which may cause the formation of small bumps, called hordeolums or styes[3]. Using eyelid wipes for styes is best with prevention in mind. In other words, use eye wipes to remove what can cause styes — in this case, makeup.

Eyelid Wipes Keep your Contact Lenses Cleaner

Every bit of makeup or dust that is not removed with eyelid wipes has the potential to get into your contact lens the next morning. This can cause potential eye irritations and breakage of the lens.

Eyelid Wipes Could Help with Eye Irritations Caused by Allergies

Those allergic to dust, mites, pet dander, mold, and pollen often experience red, itchy eyes when they are exposed. Using eyelid wipes regularly helps to remove allergens from the sensitive eye area and may help reduce symptoms.

Eyelid Wipes may help Protect Against Dry Eye Syndrome Symptoms

Every time you blink, you spread tear film over the surface of the eyes, moisturizing and nourishing them, and protecting them from dust, foreign particles and germs. Practicing good ocular hygiene with the use of lid wipes for dry eye symptoms helps to safeguard against dryness. Using eye wipes for the management of dry eye could help may help with dryness symptoms but is also beneficial to your overall eye health. It’s important to also ensure you’re defending your eyes against the sun. Research indicates that dry eyes are often caused by excessive strain from the suns UV rays[4] – lid wipes are important to help combat these symptoms.

  • You can use eye wipes to help remove debris and irritants from your eyelids and lashes that may cause bacteria.
  • Eyelid wipes are a great way to remove eye makeup to help ensure your eyelids and lashes stay clean.
  • Regular use of eye wipes help keep allergens off your lids and lashes, and may ease eye allergy symptoms.
  • Using eye wipes after lengthy screen time may help soothe relieve dry eye, blurry vision, redness and more.
  • Using eyelid wipes as part of a daily eyelid hygiene routine is beneficial to your overall ocular health.

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