Zenoptiq™ Kills 99.9% of tested Viruses and Bacteria within 30 seconds*

Zenoptiq™ is safe for use on skin, even sensitive skin. It is non-toxic, non-irritating, and is steroid and antibiotic free.

Powerful against Viruses and Bacteria, but gentle enough for everyday use.


The Best in Eyelid Cleanser, Scrub & Vitamins for Dry Eyes Since 2005

At FOCUS Laboratories we’re dedicated to addressing the needs of healthcare providers and their patients through the discovery and development of innovative medicines and devices that support eye health and improve the quality of life.

Explore products that are designed to improve your eye health such as our eyelid wipes, eye vitamins, eyelid spray & more!

A unique supplement formulated to combat dry eye symptoms and promote healthy tear production.

TOZAL® Eye Vitamin Supplements

90 Softgels

Formulated to support ocular health in just 3 daily softgels, TOZAL is a dietary supplement containing ingredients featured in AREDS22†.

ComfortClear™ Lid Wipes - 30 Pack

30 Disposable Wipes

The on-the-go, no-rinse wipe for an active lifestyle! ComfortClear Lid Wipes are designed to gently remove debris, including makeup, from eyelids and lashes.

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Learn About FOCUS Laboratories Eye Vitamins, Eyelid Wipes & Other Eye Health Supplements

FOCUS Laboratories is dedicated to addressing the needs of healthcare providers and patients through innovative eye care supplements, eyelid wipes, eye vitamins and more. We’re constantly discovering and developing new medicines, devices and supplements for eye health to improve peoples’ quality of life. Learn about the growth, innovation and integrity that drive focus laboratories products, from eye vitamins to eyelid wipes and beyond.

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